PreFab Homes

PreFab Homes or popularly called as Modular homes; are unique because they are built in state of the art factories. Building in this way reduces the chance of weather related delays. PreFab homes can be more affordable than conventional homes. Their shorter build time will save your money on the overall construction.

PreFab homes are much more energy-efficient, so your monthly expenses will be substantially less. They are also environment friendly. There is a great range of homes to choose from. As with any home, modular homes can also be expanded.

Let’s look at few of the many features of PreFab homes offered by India’s leading manufacturer MircroHomes.

Cost Considerations

Cost increases are typically unheard of in the modular industry as may often be the case with a site-built homes. The MicroHome building process is designed to be more cost-effective and efficient than that of site-built homes. Most of the efficiency is achieved at the factory, where a majority of homes leave 95% complete. This virtually removes the chance of weather-related problems and other delays. Because of this reduced construction time; there is reduced interest on financing which means you, the consumer, pay less on your loans.

As against the carpet to built-up ratio of conventional homes, which is typically falls between75% to 70%, modular homes offer nearly 95% as the carpet to built-up ratio, which appreciates the return for money factor. People with smart money quotient understand it very well.

Modular Home : Quick and Convenient

Because modular homes are typically built in about a fraction of the time needed to construct a site-built home, homeowners can be moving into their new home in as little as three weeks. This is because overall building time is reduced by concurrent site work and home construction.

Standardization of loose material lead us to squeeze the production time. In addition, our highly skilled work force has years of experience in the building industry and works year round within the factory. This means that there are no delays as may often be the case with a site-built home.

Design Flexibility

Modular construction allows for hundreds of options and design possibilities. We work with you to determine the type and design of modular home that best suits your needs. We can also modify one of our plans to fit your needs or work with a custom plan that you provide. The possibilities are endless.

We also offer a range of options to customize the home you select. Pick the style of windows or siding, choose colors of vinyl, carpet, countertops and bath fixtures. We pride ourselves in remaining flexible and offering the kind of selections our competitors simply can’t deliver.

Better Quality

Because modular homes are built in factories, manufacturers are able to utilize tools unavailable at the site such as custom manufactured jigs which ensure that all walls, floors and ceilings are square and plumb. In addition, interior walls are lag-bolted to the exterior walls and bracing and insulation are installed on all electrical outlet boxes.

This means, from floor to fixtures, you would see the best of the quality construction.

Inspection & Regulation

Before we begin construction, all building plans are reviewed and approved in each state. Following the strict guidelines for manufacturing, we also contracts with third party agencies for inspection while the home is in production. When the housing sections or modules are complete, we ensure that the home has been manufactured in conformance with the approved plans and compliances.

Energy Efficiency

Quality engineering and the latest construction techniques significantly increase the energy-efficiency of your new modular home. This ensures it will be economical to own and comfortable to live in regardless of the weather.

The fact that these homes are constructed in a factory; allows the manufacturer to place more sealants, and more insulation, ensuring greater energy efficiency.

Environment Friendly

PreFab construction is more environment friendly than its site-built counterpart. Engineered construction materials are utilized, and effective in-plant recycling is in place at most modular home manufacturing facilities. This means that all the excess materials are able to be recycled.

Skilled Subcontractors

One of the problems today’s site builders have is finding skilled subcontractors. Because modular homes are built in factories, the subcontractors are already there. Skilled craftspeople construct each home to exact specifications. Both in-house personnel and an independent agency inspect all homes during and after construction to ensure that every home meets our high standards and compliance requirements.